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Can't see Tablet on Network

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    Can't see Tablet on Network

    The tablet is on "Private" profile with "Turn on network discovery" checked. I presume that the setting that should make it visible under other PC's File Explorerer>Network tree.

    But no PC on the network can see it. Though the tablet can see all the others. However, it does exhibit unexpected behavior, like requireing User/Pass when clicking on some computers (which have public folders shared), but I feel solving the first problem might fix these symptoms.

    This is "Windows 8.1 with Bing" if that makes a difference.

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    go to control panel - network and sharing - left pane - change advanced sharing - all networks - turn off password required and turn on puplic sharing..

    under private network - turn on file and printer sharing and network discovery..

    public both options are off

    you may have to reboot other pc's to see tablet.. Usually after changing sharing, I reboot all pc's on network..
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    Do you have any folders on the tablet shared?
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    I have all those settings. The reboots seemed to solve the "Tablet not showing" problem. Now I can see the public folders in the Tablet.
    However from the Tablet POV, some computers on the network still seem to ask for User/Pass when clicking on them.
    The stange thing is that the popup says "Domain: <Tablet Name>" instead of the Workgroup I set all the computers to...if that even matters.
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    OK. I found a pattern.

    Windows 8 computer (MS account) -> accessing another Windows 8 computer (that doesn't have same account) prompts for user/pass

    Windows 8 computer (local account) -> accessing any computer (Windows 8 / 7 /Vista) doesn't prompt

    This seems kinda of bizzare to me, but is there some new feature in Windows 8 that might cause this?
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    I use a local account (thus don't have that problem) I sign into the apps as needed (pretty much never)...

    Glad you found the answer.. Once again it is Big Brother watching you.. Only proves why I don't use the MS account..
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    So are you suggesting that when logged into an MS account, you're essentially on Microsoft's network?
    So perhaps Windows 8 is stepping into separating your network from MS's cloud or something like that?
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Can't see Tablet on Network
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