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Remote Desktop Connection Intermittent Reconnects Win 8.1

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    Remote Desktop Connection Intermittent Reconnects Win 8.1

    Hello! I am new to this forum but I always come here searching for answers and I usually receive them. Please forgive me if I do not provide all of the necessary information. Whatever, you request I will attempt to retrieve it. Please keep in mind that I am not networking guru so I will need Laymen terms lol.

    I have a computer that has Windows 8.1, it originally shipped with Windows 8.
    I am currently subscribed to Comcast and using their Xfinity service, with nothing but problems (most of which has been resolved).

    I work from home 3 days a week. I have a Mitel phone which connects directly into their modem/router (it is an all in one piece). I then connect to my jobs VPN and RDP to my workstation at the office. My issue is that I am getting intermittent disconnects.

    Initially, I was doing all of this via WiFi but I switched to an Ethernet connection and I am still having the issue. The reason I was doing this via WiFi is because in the past, I had AT&T DSL. I NEVER had any issues with that, EVER. I upgraded to AT&T's high speed Internet when I bundled all of my services (TV, phone and Internet) through them. Even then, I did no have this issue. My issue with their service was the quality of my Mitel phone calls. I sounded like a "robot" to the people on the other end of the phone. Their solution was swapping out the modem and everything worked fine.

    Fast forward to now, the people I live with decided to switch to Comcast because they were offering an awesome deal and frankly, were supposed to have better service. All the while with AT&T, I never used an Ethernet connection with my laptop. I had two during their service which includes the one I am currently using.

    Since being with Comcast, my Mitel phone and VPN/RDP connection continuously disconnects and reconnects. The phone is connected via Ethernet directly to the modem. My laptop has this issue connecting via WiFi and Ethernet. I have had them out here three times to look into this. This last time, they ended up replacing the guts outside on the pole as they found them to be "messed up". While things are not as bad as they were, I am still seeing intermittent disconnects with the RDP session. The disconnects last between 5-20 seconds. The VPN does not show as "reconnecting" nor does the Mitel phone.

    My computer has all updates, including one that was said to be for an RDP issue. I am lost here and not sure what else to do or look at. From what I can tell, the internet works fine when the RDP is reconnecting. I am currently running the test found here: Accessing internet

    Any ideas?

    Laptop: Toshiba Satellite C55-A
    Modem: Cisco DPC3939


    The scan from the link below completed and mentions errors. I am going to continue to follow the instructions in the thread to see if the fix works. I will update the thread.


    The scan ran successfully and so did the repair. I will monitor it the remainder of today and also tomorrow (I will not be working from home again until the first Monday of Jan 2015). I will update the post with the results.

    UPDATE #2:

    I am done with my work load for the day. There were no more disconnects. I will update this post as solved on tomorrow (12/23/2014) if I am able to work without disconnects for the entire work day.
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    Windows 8.1

    So, I just had the first reconnection of the RDP. Apparently, what I did didn't fix this issue completely. Any other suggestions?
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Remote Desktop Connection Intermittent Reconnects Win 8.1
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