Hi Everyone,

What I have here is an Educational WIFI network that runs with a proxy. (and Domain server)
A Wireless service account has been created (so machines that are loaned to people are connected to the internet)

I've got some Windows 8.1 Tablets that we are connecting to the wireless network (these aren't joining the domain) they are standalone with just an internet connection.

With the service account they connect to the WIFI but ask straight away for the proxy username and password. I can't use my username and password as students will be able to get into my email etc.
The service account doesn't work with the proxy.

If I click away from the proxy settings once it has come up with the input (on the right hand side) it seems to be ok and when the browser opens it asks for the students username and password. but if they happen to click on the wireless symbol in the system tray they can type in their username and password and then it will save their credentials (obviously I can tell them not to click on it but our students being our students they will do the opposite of what I tell them)

Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated (I've already called the support people I have & couldn't get any real help as they aren't supporting the machines they have released with their image) go figure.