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Windows 8.1 Airplane Mode Loop: Randomly cycles on and off

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    Windows 8.1 Airplane Mode Loop: Randomly cycles on and off


    I have a newer laptop (HP Pavilion Touchsmart 14) that is running Windows 8.1. I probably should have searched this problem from day one but the issue is so random that I can go 2 months without much of a problem and then I can spend two weeks encountering the problem with every login. When I connect the computer to wifi, whether it be my home wifi, a hotel wifi or an airport wifi, it will sometimes randomly start to cycle in and out of airplane mode for no apparent reason. I can open the settings or wifi icon from the tray (pretty much anywhere I can access the airplane mode toggle) and try to toggle the thing manually but it ignores my mouse clicks and continues to cycle on and off. The same is true if I use the wifi button on the keyboard.

    I have tried resetting the wifi card and also disabling firewall but any correlation to the problem seems random. I have also checked that the hardware drivers are up to date. I cannot seem to find any real cause or solution (I have googled the problem extensively and all that comes up are ways to reset the card or different methods for turning airplane mode on and off, none of which helps).

    For me the ideal solution is a way to permanently disable airplane mode on my computer. I don't need it and don't want it anyway and would LOVE to rip that mode out of this computer completely.

    Has anyone encountered this issue and is there a fix or a way to delete airplane mode from my system?

    Thank you,


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    Anyone have any thoughts on how to remove this feature? HP warranty service is useless and I need this to stop.
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    I don't know if you have solved this but I struggled for over a month now troubleshooting.

    I may have finally stumbled upon a fix. Go into your device manager and look under Human Interface Devices for an HP wireless button manager and uninstall it.

    That's all I've done today that's different, and I haven't had the problem in the past 2 hours of continuous use (previously it happened as frequently as every 2 minutes... ARGH).
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Windows 8.1 Airplane Mode Loop: Randomly cycles on and off
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