We use an older laptop for our TV and Netflix etc and it works OK, but reading the TV screen from 15-feet back is a pain.

I'd like a dock with wifi/cable Network connection to the Internet and a Bluetooth link to a win8.1 tablet.

I have a Fire Stick and Chromecast and they do it OK, but then I have to use an Android phone to control them. The Android apps for the these are not as good as using a browser in windows 8.1.

So far I am thinking of an Acer Switch or ASUS T100 as they both have USB ports in the keyboard. I could use a USB-HDMI adapter, but that's going to run 300+bucks.

If I can get a dock that will sit at the TV, connected to the Network for Internet and linked to an 8" win8.1 tablet I already have, I can then use win8.1 for accessing everything via the browser.

Anyone heard of anything like this?
Where do I get it?

If you are thinking Miracast, it does not cut it, the lag between movie visuals, sound and subtitles is a mess.