Hosted network is allowed. It's running. Connection is shared properly. My android and kindle connect off a fresh start. I can browse n use net for a random amount of time, then all of a sudden, it stops. Almost like it won't send nor receive packets. I'm still connected it says everywhere, yet I can not use anything that requires internet. Could take a few hours or few minutes until this happens. Afterwards I have to restart both devices and or computer and start again. I've tried Netsh, connectify, virtual router, and others, same issue. It's rather annoying and I can't figure out the issue. I've posted on multiple forum and I get "check settings, run as administrator, or no reply". As far as I know it's set up right, setting are right, etc. Does anyone have or know any other solutions to this? I imagine it's a bit more technical than the average solutions all over the net for this.