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Can not share files on ethernet. Only Wifi. Help

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    Can not share files on ethernet. Only Wifi. Help

    I have a desktop computer with windows xp, and two laptops , an asus, and an hp with windows 8.1. I can view and share the folders I set up on each pc fine if wifi is turned on. The problem is on the hp laptop if I turn wifi off on the asus. It sees the pc name, but when I click it, my shared folders do not show up and I recieve an error message. If I use the same settings on wifi is turned off and I connect through asus can see the hp files. Not really sure if this is a bug on the hp, or what, but any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I have passwords sharing set to off, but if I restart the computers I and connect to one of the computers it asks for a username and password. I just type whatever and it connects. All I want to do is figure out why when wifi is off and just using ethernet I lose my sharing from on of the latpops to the other. Thanks

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    Prioritizing the LAN over the WLAN's IPv4 metric value might be of helped, it's not going to break any settings if you give this a try or it won't hurt. You may change the automatic metric value. Here's a quick tutorial, try doing this from the HP laptop.

    Click image for larger version
    If it didn't help, please post back and we'll try a different tactic.
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Can not share files on ethernet. Only Wifi. Help
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