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I've read that thread and I've done literally everything there (except uninstall Windows Media Player but all that does is clean the cache, which you figured out and not one person said it worked). As I mentioned earlier, my firewall doesn't seem to allow me to turn it off and when I reset to defaults it gives a warning but doesn't seem to actually do it.

These are all tied in somehow. I searched high and low and this problem is extremely common, built right into Windows 7 as far back as 2009... yet nobody has EVER pinpointed it. Is there a place to submit unsolved Windows 7 glitches? I've frankly given up on it. I refuse to deal with it anymore. I've long ago realized that only XP must be at the center of my home media network.
Which is why I concluded it is most likely a router problem. One thing for certain is that millions of people using Windows 7 have never had this problem at all including me.

In either event a reinstallation should fix the problem if it's related to Windows 7. Carefully checking the streaming functions as third party programs are installed might help narrow it down.