My Windows 8 wifi and network is kind of messed up? Basically I turned my Laptop on one day and it showed a connection to my wifi but as soon as I went on Chrome it came up with "Page is not available" I thought it was weird but shrugged it off after refreshing the page and still no results I turned to internet explorer. With the same results I was confused. I tried skype still nothing. It showed I had a good connection but it wouldn't work? Also The sport and news pages still update on current stories? I have tried all of the below: Restarted computer, Rebooted wifi, disconnected and connected, tried a friends wifi, looked online for cures, done a full system check kn my antivirus (took about a year lol), deleted files I thought could have an impact, tried the trouble shooter and a few more things like that... If anyone has a cure I would be greatful if you could share it with me, please do it in step by step instructions thanks.