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Can't detect certain wireless networks with W8.1

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    Can't detect certain wireless networks with W8.1

    I installed Windows 8.1 few days ago, tried to stay away from it as long as I could but it caught me off guard while I left my laptop running while I was away and it installed by itself.
    Can't really say my problem was caused by W8.1 alone though, the day I installed it there were a few thunderstorms around here and my internet was dead for most of the time, when I actually checked my PC after it restarted itself it asked me to connect to the internet and showed me my wireless network but I still couldn't connect because it was out, I skipped that step and allowed it to finish and then turn off the laptop.
    Next day I come back to set up whatever was left but for whatever reason I couldn't find my network on the list, figured it was still out but then checked on my phone and it was working perfectly, decided to check my other laptop and it was also working, just ignored it because my IP gives me wi-fi anyway for when the main line is out. I managed to spot my main network again couple days ago, tried to connect to it but said something about it being unavailable and dissapeared from the list again, yesterday I managed to manually connect to it and it worked, only to dissapear after a few hours. I've spotted it again a couple times afterwards but still can't connect, manually connecting isn't helping either.
    I searched around a bit and tried a couple things (like disconnecting from my microsoft account, forgetting the network and then trying to manual connecting), also saw somewhere that it could be a driver problem, tried updating those but I don't think I was very successful (the connection I'm using now is pretty slow and unreliable).
    It could very well be my router or IP causing the problem but I can use internet on my phone and other laptop without a problem.
    Help would be appreciated as I'm kinda lost right now. Thanks.

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    It might be good to download the latest driver for your Wi-Fi adapter, either from the manufacturer's site or Windows Updates optional updates.
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    Thanks for the reply.
    I had already done that through the device manager but it seems it was still outdated, I did manage to get a more recent version of the driver online and that fixed the problem, until I restarted my PC and it stopped showing up again, checked ASUS' website but the version they have available isn't the most recent one either (at least according to a couple driver scanners that I got, trying to download through them didn't work either, but the version that was on ASUS' website was more recent than the one I download before).
    I guess I should mention the driver I have is Qualcomm Atheros AR9485, currently version (25-03-14), the scanners tell me the most recent one is (22-08-14).

    At first I even thought there could be some sort of interference but my laptop is already pretty close to the router (about 3 meters) and bringing it closer doesn't help.
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    It can be a little frustrating to find the correct Atheros driver, but I would recommend this site.

    Another update will be appreciated.
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    Thanks, was having a hard time finding that.
    Didn't work at first but after a couple more restarts it seems like it's working.
    Thanks for the help, won't mark it as solved just yet as it might go off again like it did previously.
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    No worries, please post back again if issue persist.

    You're welcome!
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    Was about to mark it as solved but it's not working again, tried restarting a couple times but everytime the network just shows up for a split second and dissapears from the list, it's not exclusive to mine too, happens with a bunch of other networks.
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Can't detect certain wireless networks with W8.1
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