Hi :-) I tried to set up a home network using my laptop (Win 8.1) with my home PC (Win 7 HomePrem X64) On my laptop it recognizes my PC (perhaps because I already plugged in an ethernet cable, or due to it being already set up by my router, or wi-fi, I don't know which). Anyhow, on the Win 8.1 it says I can join my PC and then going through the process it asks me for a password. BUT no password exists. I never set one up with my PC so I can't understand why it is insisting on one.
Basically I want to send files through and fro the fasted way possible. The fasted not the best. In other words if its through my ethernet good, if it's better via a USB cable, so be it.
Back in the Win XP days I used to do it via a special USB cable (USB on both ends and on one side it had a fat processor or something- I no longer have such a cable, given away when the XP was given away)

Thank you