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How can I send sleep/restart commands remotely?

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    You might need to add an option -t 30 for the countdown.

    I also removed the EVERYONE group for security issues as it's not needed because I only want an Administrator to have the rights to send any shutdown commands.
    Since I am the only one to use the PC's so I added Everyone to make it simple. Otherwise I would have to put the User/Password on the command line for it to work.

    FYI, On the shutdown.exe, you can use hibernate instead of sleep. The differences between the 2's is sleep will leave the PC state in memory and will require a little juice to keep it current, hibernate will write the current state to the HD (Hiberfil.sys) and requires no power.

    Here's an example how I created 2 batch files to turn on and off the PC:

    1. To turn on: E:\Portable\wakemeonlan\WakeMeOnLan.exe /wakeup Coyote-pc
    2. To turn Off: shutdown.exe /s /m \\Coyote-pc /f /t 00

    NOTE: On step 2, you can use /h to hibernate instead of /s to shutdown.

    Hope this helps !!!
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    Sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks very much for your help. I didn't see your reply earlier, but I managed to get the pc by using this command:-

    psshutdown \\media-computer -d -m "COMPUTER GOING TO SLEEP IN 20 SECONDS"
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How can I send sleep/restart commands remotely?
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