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No IPv6 Connectivity Despite Being Enabled

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    A lot of ISP's have not implemented IPv6 yet. We still have quite a few decades to go, before IP's for IPv4 are not widely available. They just released a bunch of reserved IPv4 IP's in the past couple of years. You are talking over 2 Billion IP for IPv4.
    That's not so many, really, if we continue down the path of everybody's every device being internet-connected. There are 206 million eligible voters in the US

    2,000,000,000 /206,072,000 ~ 9 addresses/ person, ignoring the fact that there are other people on the planet.

    As IPv6 becomes standard, IPV4 runs out, and people decide not to waste resources on old tech, we will likely see the rise of IPv6-only sites and resources. Those left behind will be unable to access these resources without some sort of go-between service.

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    Over 2 Billion is a lot actually. IPv4 is long from running out of IP's.
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    9 Addresses for every American who can vote? That's a very small number, when you consider he rest of the world population- including nations increasing in population and technological competency. Cell phones, laptops, smart tvs, blu-ray players and the like with embedded youtube- all need IP addresses. Not to mention IP security cameras, ATMs, the control mechanism for my kitchen lights that my security company gave me, and- of course- websites.
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No IPv6 Connectivity Despite Being Enabled
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