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    Hello, I am running a desktop at my home that I would like to access remotely when at work or on the road. It is running 8.1 pro and is connected to a netgear R6300. I have attempted to set this up by forwarding port 3389 to my desktops I.P. then using my routers public I.P. to remote desktop into. I keep getting an error stating that the computer is either not enabled, turned off, or not available on the network. I am not very familiar with remote desktop so I would appreciate any help here. Thank you

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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, cichlidius.

    Do you have this hard wired? Wired or WiFi, make sure devices are set to wake computer in Device Manager. Double or right click on the device to get to properties. Windows key plus X will get you to Device Manager.
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    You may want to consider using TeamViewer to do want you want. It's free for personal use.
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    Yes the computer at home is hard wired and I am trying to connect to it is a wireless network at the office. Which device do I click on under device manager to check for that?

    I have tried teamviewer, but found that it did not work very well for me at least, I prefer remote desktop as it works great when Im on home network at least. Thanks for the replies
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    Allow your Ethernet Controller to wake your system on the Power Management tab in the properties. Mine is a Marvell Yukon.

    Click image for larger version
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    To add; That would be under Network Adaptors in Device Manager.
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    Which computer has 8.1 PRo? The home one or the work one? You can connect home to pro, but not pro to home.
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    The only one that isn't checked is the magic packet one, should it be? Both computers are running the pro version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cichlidius View Post
    The only one that isn't checked is the magic packet one, should it be? Both computers are running the pro version.
    Edit: correction

    The magic packet function is to help carry the destination MAC address so generally it is required
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    Yes, do check that box too.

    Ethernet connections, including home and work networks, wireless data networks and the Internet itself, are based on packets of data sent between computers. Wake-on-LAN ("WOL") is implemented using a specially designed packet called a magic packet, which is sent to all computers in a network, among them the computer to be woken up. The magic packet contains the MAC address of the destination computer, an identifying number built into each network interface card ("NIC") or other ethernet device in a computer, that enables it to be uniquely recognized and addressed on a network. Powered-down or turned off computers capable of Wake-on-LAN will contain network devices able to "listen" to incoming packets in low-power mode while the system is powered down. If a magic packet is received that is directed to the device's MAC address, the NIC signals the computer's power supply or motherboard to initiate system wake-up, much in the same way as pressing the power button would do.
    Wake-on-LAN - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Remote Desktop
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