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    Now I've really fouled something up good. I decided to try just as a quick test, to unplug the netgear router and go directly to my router/modem that time Warner supplied me. Bad idea, now nothing works no matter what I do, I tried plugging it back into the netgear, but still get no incoming connection. Tried calling time Warner, they want to send a tech out. That can't be it as it was just working before I tried eliminating the router. I went through all the basics, unplugged it, reset it. Any clue what I screwed up?

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    When I ran the troubleshooter, it states that the Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration.
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    are there any lights on the router/modem at all?

    Is everything plugged in good?

    If you type ipconfig /all into your command prompt what does it show?
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    Yes, all the lights are lit except for the online one. Which address should I be looking at, is it the IPv4 one? If so it says
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    Are you able to go to that address on your computer and set up your router information? Do you see a wireless network for it?
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    Yes, I can still access the router, but I have no clue what to change in there
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    The wireless network is going, I can see it on my laptop.
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    If you haven't already or I just missed it, your desktop computer will need a "STATIC" ip address and not one that has been assigned by your router. Also, the account you want to use for the remote session must be password protected...hope this helps.
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    Thanks, but I screwed something else up here
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    Sorry to read this all went south for you, cichlidius.

    I will alert a few that know a great deal about this to help. Hang in there!
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Remote Desktop
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