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Remote Desktop problems with Win 8.1, not with Win7 Ult.

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    Remote Desktop problems with Win 8.1, not with Win7 Ult.

    I have two computers,Notebook and Office. I had on "Office" computer Windows 7 Ultimate installed, and could do,without any problem, Remote Desktop Connection. After installing Wind 8.1 (pro) and with same parameter, cannot connect anymore to Office (same house,same network).
    I reinstalled Wind7 Ult again and Remote Desktop connection is NOT a problem.

    I turn off the Firewall in " Office" but no difference.

    Funny thing : If I am in Explorer(with Notebook) and see the "Network" computers listed "NoteBook" and "Office" I
    CAN indeed fill in in Windows security popup for "Office" the Username and Password, and I see the
    remote C drive of the Remote Desktop, so connection is made and I see all the files there.

    If I use the Windows ICON :Remote Desktop Connection (in Notebook start screen), I do the same
    "Office", fill in the same Username and same password and then : Connection failed/wrong login/similar wording.

    What is the problem.?
    Help would be highly appreciated.

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    This FAQ my be of help: Remote Desktop app help - Windows Help

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Remote Desktop problems with Win 8.1, not with Win7 Ult.
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