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[W8.1] Share for Everyone still asks for network password?

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    Thanks for all your input.
    Thing is.. all i really want is a normal Windows share, which any other Windows 7/Windows 8 machine can just open without having to enter credentials. I re-checked all network and share settings several times now its mind boggling to me why i can't get this to work.

    Both machines are in the same LAN network with all the same settings and everything else works fine.

    Windows network type:
    Both machines are set to "Home network" (also known as "Private Network").

    Windows sharing options:
    All sharing options are set the same on both machines
    -Allow file and printer sharing
    -Use a homegroup or let Windows manage any network shares (if thats translated correctly) is selected
    -Allow network sharing to machines using 40-bit or 56-bit secure connections
    -Allow sharing without the use of passwords

    For testing purposes i shared a 'folder' on both machines (not a folder and an entire drive as mentioned in my first post).
    -The share has permissions for "Everyone" to be able to Read this folder. There are permissions in place for "administrators", "verified users" and "users" as well which all have access to said folder.
    -The NTFS rights are the same (tab called security) and the user(s)/group(s) called System as well as the personal account i am working on, on that machine have full rights as well.

    I really dont know what else i could check. If anyone still has any ideas i would love to hear them!

    Like i said... Machine B can just enter Machine A no questions asked. Machine A can not access the share on Machine B which should be available to everyone without getting prompted to enter credentials (Machine B is the one with the completely fresh installation).

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    Well, I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help either. I have been able to duplicate your problem using my systems here, let me explain.

    ComputerB is my primary workstation running Windows 8.1 Pro
    ComputerA is my Windows 10 workstation running in VMPlayer

    ComputerB can access the share on the ComputerA just by running explorer and typing in the UNC share name i.e. \\ComputerA\ as advertised. Both computers are using the same login account.

    ComputerA is unable to access the share on ComputerB (And it is setup exactly like ComputerA, with one exception, ComputerA is on a different subnet due to the VMPlayer NIC settings. It prompts for credentials just as you have stated in your previous posts.

    I then introduced a third computer via VMPLAYER, and it will not access either Computer via the share without prompting for credentials.

    I then put a share on computer and tried to access it from ComputerB/A and it prompted for credentials. Then I decided I would go another route and enable the guest account on ComputerC. Once it was enabled I could then access computer by waiting for the prompt, entering GUEST in the login name and hitting enter. I was then able to access the share without a problem.

    In conclusion, I just wanted you to know that it appears you have tried everything and I will leave you with this thought. Since you can Access ComputerA without the prompts, just use it as sharing in one direction. That way when you introduce ComputerC, you can access the share from ComputerC, copy a file to ComputerA, and then from ComputerB you could pick up the file from ComputerA.

    Best of luck!
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    The Netherlands
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    @ play2mefish:
    Thanks alot for the testing!
    I'm clueless as to why it _would_ work for 1 of the 2 directions/shares and not for the other (funny you seem to have the exact same finding when it comes to that).
    I guess i am just going to conclude this is a 'security restriction' (or a feature if you want to call it that, haha).
    I will just stick to the fact that this was probably intended so any user in the home (private) network that wants to access the share will just be obligated to contact the owner of the share so he is aware of giving access to said user and will have to enter (or give) the credentials to enter this share.

    Because this is my conclusion and because of your effort i will mark this topic as solved.
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    It has to do with logging into at startup. If you use a Local Login on Win 8.1 this doesn't happen. So there has to be some way to circumvent this security/credentials issue....
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[W8.1] Share for Everyone still asks for network password?
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