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One wifi connection. Multiple profiles. How to avoid?

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    One wifi connection. Multiple profiles. How to avoid?

    Apologies for the rather cryptic subject line, the length limit made it a little hard to explain the exact problem.

    That said, I use my cell phone for internet access on my laptop, since it can act as a portable wifi access point.

    The problem I'm having is that every time I connect, Windows 8.1 creates a new profile. So I started with "Phone access point", then I got "Phone access point 2" on the second connection, "Phone access point 3" on the third connection, and so on and so on, creating a new profile every time I connect.

    Is there any way I can tell Windows 8.1 to use the same network profile whenever it connects to "Phone access point", since it's the same connection as it was last time. It does it correctly for all the other wifi access points I connect to: home, work,, the only one that's causing a problem is the phone's connection.

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    Yes. Just wait a few before logging into the computer. As long as the phone is setup for Hotspot and the OS is able to find before you log in. It should just use that one profile.
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One wifi connection. Multiple profiles. How to avoid?
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