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Sub 10 Mbps results on wifi, from a 300M optic fibre plan

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    First of all thank you to everyone for all of your replies!

    I'm almost ready to accept that this is the speed that I will be getting, but I can be a bit stubborn. My apartment setup is not ideal for wifi (the router can only be placed near one edge of the apartment and the rooms are all stretched out on the other end), but I will definitely try and optimize my settings as per your suggestions.

    In my case, it is quite likely that there can be more than 2 streaming videos on the internet, and QOS was something a representative of my ISP suggested me turn on. I still don't know which one is better yet. I will definitely write back when I get a good feel of QOS's impact. For some reason even when the devices leave my home, the router can consistently display 10 devices connected to wifi, perhaps this is a problem? Is there something I can do to minimize the damage?

    As for 5Ghz channels, only the relatively newer phone models (they're still pretty outdated by now) can connect, but I hear that its range is worse than that of the 2.4 Ghz one? It certainly seems like it, but as of writing I have not had the opportunity to conduct testing. Perhaps they are better due to the interference factor. Again, I will update you guys.

    I used the Xirrus wifi inspector software, and it indicates that some of my neighbours do not keep their wifi on, so I thought auto-channel was a good choice. And my router only offers 'above' for extension channels (or 'below' if I pick a high channel), which seemed weird. Should I account for the channel overlapping issue? I'm still quite new to this so I'm not sure if I can trust everything I find on the internet.

    Thanks again! I will report back once I fiddle with the results.

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    You are never going to find any setup that is going to be perfect. You have to learn what works best. It has always been debated whether QOS should be on or off. With Wireless-b & g, turn it on. For Wireless-n & ac, turn it off. But you have to also set the router/access point to only use the Wireless-n band and 40mhz channel.

    There is no damage when multiple devices connect to the router. You are over thinking all of this at this point. Just set it up and forget. There is no need to twiddle with any settings after you connect to the router, once you get the router setup properly. If you have older Wireless-b/g devices. Get a separate Wireless Access Point, just for those devices.
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    Some of your neighbors might be using at least some of your bandwidth too. Is that only your router and Internet Provider ? As for interference that could be making you problems, there's two kinds of them. One is pure radio interference from nearby emitters of same or close frequencies, other WiFi or even bluet tooth that is also at 4.2 GHz. That can be attenuated by some degree by using channels at far spectrum as possible. Stronger signal can help in that case a lot as well as with going thru the walls. Keep i mind that any metal objects, even if they are not physically in the way, can distort signal as it's already only 100mW. A directional antenna on both ends can help a lot.
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Sub 10 Mbps results on wifi, from a 300M optic fibre plan
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