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LAN Proxy settings keep changing - Windows 8.1

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    windows 8

    Settings>network>proxy>delete proxy ip, then turn it off and save it. Should put you back online. Then grab some avast and such and carry on!

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    win 8.1 pro 64 bit did get W10 but did clean install win 8

    Proxy settings askew

    I ran into problems similar to this and did a clean reinstall of Win 8. It has been a week and still updating, blah blah. I finally got the window for the 10 update. BTW, I had W10 tb before I had to do this reinstall. It was GREAT for a minute. Must have been ME, playing around with the "services" settings because I had a full CPU and Memory where it was bogging everything down. One of the biggest problems was that I didn't have Cortana, Store Beta, Edge and some other things (old as dirt and memory is shot). Anyway, interesting, hey? I went to the backup and saw it now said "windows 7". I never had windows 7 on this PC. It's relatively new. Had two motherboards replaced (I got a lemon). It had been into Geek Squak 5 or 6 times. That's an entirely different matter so sticking to the issue at hand, it began to do the proxy thing and that's when after trying all the "fix-its", nothing seemed to help and did the clean install. Wrote HP who said, nope, preinstalled with W8. I paid for 8.1 and Pro but the Pro key failed to work too. Couldn't perform a backup if I had to due to the Control Panel listing the previous installation as Win 7. So what came to my mind was they upgraded it to get it off the shelves. It is HP All in One, HUGE screen (wanting to do photography so is perfect) but not. Had issues from day one but after viewing your predicament, wonder if it may be something additional too, that happened later on because after getting the 10 updates it was GREAT until the proxy thing (aside from the motherboards, fan, etc. . . . etc. . . Not venting here, (well maybe a little) however, sharing information, communicating is probably the most effective means with which to evaluate any situation so am grateful and appreciate your time in posting, answering, blah blah. BTW, Geek Squak billed HP for a new bezel too - ha ha - I'd not removed the plastic from the front, bezel. They were somewhat lax and charged for two MB's (oops, tangent). So now something new hey? I wanted to add that I believed it was in the "services" and the "firewall" settings. I'll stay on top of this and even if it is a year old, perhaps someone else is having the same difficulties so feel it isn't a waste of anyone's time. Especially mine since I'm right in the middle of the proxy thing. Appreciate anyone who has solved this matter? I searched for a default list of settings for services as well as firewall for a private network. All I have is the HP AiO an iPad Mini, an old unconnected Samsung vibrant which I use like a wifi tablet for pictures mostly and my son uses the connection for his HP laptop - brand new - and fear infection if that be the case. Notable is sometimes the connection from the router to the iPad cuts out and reconnects constantly. I would like to hear anyone's take on the ISS? IIS settings? and the "restart/reset" and went to make sure I had called it correctly and find that not many Microsoft apps are opening at all, not just the apps which facilitate online. IE doesn't open at all, as well as updates nor does Store. Firefox is fine but some sites give me the error "server declines" . . . oh and the HP Solution Center for updates won't connect either. So this isn't limited to a few things, it's PC throughout for the "proxy" thing. I ran all the checks, SFC, DISM, troubleshooting, double checked the configuration on the ethernet and wifi connections, most everything is set to private so I continually check to see if it changes to Public which is again awful because I have almost nothing connected to Public. It's a desktop PC! Why have Public permissions? I haven't researched that yet. So, I'm sure there's more but want to revitalize this post so that's a start. Thanks everyone, for all the past and future assistance. Smiles4Miles

    Afterthought: any comment on my concerns needs to be aware it is just a home network. Not a server, not a developer so if you have a list for turning features on or off or any tweak settings I'm not aware of please provide reference link? I can still read . . not sure if I understand all of it but don't want anything installed it doesn't need or require. I'm not the sharpest tech either. Just saying sort of as a disclaimer for my ignorance. Smiles

    **PSS Note: I just read Alexam's comment from Jan 2015 and went to "settings", "network", "proxy" and found that it was indeed set manual - 8118 with a different IP and to me, uncommon which I'd never seen before so now I wonder about hijacking and am further checking after reboot. I changed it to "automatically detect" but haven't rebooted as yet. Just thought I'd add that. Thanks Alexam
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    Windows 10

    I had a similar problem. Something was changing my LAN settings; turning on the proxy server. I ran antivirus and checked firewall settings but found nothing. Ultimately, I reviewed all installed programs and uninstalled everything not native to Windows or that I did not personally install. I then changed the setting to Auto-detect and restarted the computer. It remained in auto-detect and all is good now.
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    Windows 10

    If you have Internet Download Manager (IDM), follow these steps (on Windows 10):

    1. Open IE11
    2. Gear Icon -> Manage Add-ons
    3. Disable extension "IDM integration (IDMIEHlprObj Class)"

    That's it! Worked for me!
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LAN Proxy settings keep changing - Windows 8.1
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