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Server problems with Amazon/google searches

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    Can't connect to Amazon about 50% of the time

    Not sure if this belongs here or under browsers. Not sure where to put this... For the past 11-12 months, I get timed out trying to connect to Amazon about 50% of the time, whether I'm going there directly, am moving around within Amazon, or trying to go there from a google search result. This occurs with four browsers (Opera 12 and 15+, IE11 and FF31), can happen at any time of day or night, whether or not cache/history are cleared, and whether or not my router is hooked between cable box and desktop computer (Charter cable). All the browsers are excluded in CIS (Malwarebytes doesn't seem to apply in that regard). When it happens, I'll switch browsers and usually one of them will connect - or maybe not. If one does, it will go well for a few minutes then a link won't load. So I switch back to another browser and maybe it works for awhile, until it runs into problems. With google searches, Amazon links connect less than 50% of the time. The error messages are phrased differently per browser:
    - "Connection closed by remote server" (Opera 12.17)
    - "The connection was reset" (Firefox)
    - "This page canít be displayed" (IE11)

    This doesn't happen with any other website (that's up), although occasionally I'll get the same hang with a google search result for some other site. When it started last September, Amazon wrote that they had switched systems and everything wasn't right yet. A couple of months later, they said I shouldn't be getting this problem. Obviously, were it happening to a lot of people, something would have been done already. So, I'm at wit's end and wondering if anyone else has run into this or has any ideas about how why it's happening and how to solve it. Thanks,
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Server problems with Amazon/google searches
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