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browser download speed suddenly reduced,browsing is normal

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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    and also, i'll need ur suggestion now for what should i do or try next, i am totally confused and exhausted

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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    hello..? broe23??
    here goes an update..

    my O.S is registered(torrent one). I'll try reconnectting my modem cables. Should i also try reconnecting my motherboard cable insie the cabinet of my cpu as i have changed my system from win 8 to XP and then again to windows 8 and the problem resisted so then should it imply that the problem must with my ISP or modem or its connections??
    it should should imply that but then again the contradiction comes is that my torrent downlaods are the same as ever and my browsing speed is also the same, only my downlaods in browsers are affected( all kinds of browsers, idm too). This problem also started suddenly overnight. cna change in something called "ping" ( idk much abt that) may have caused it?? ** i think i may have observed a website, , which is used herein india to book railway tickets, and therefore a very busy and slow site. But now, its even slower(maybe) But my usual sites like google,fb, rediff,etc dont seem changed that much.(although, they sometimes hang up now)
    the only thing that seem to have remained 99% intact is my utorrent downmloads. That's all the info i can remem. right now, that i have collected.
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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    switched off my pc...
    took out my cpu...
    opened my cabinet
    took out ram, cleaned it
    reconnected all the cables i could find, hdd cables , processor cables, disk drive, smacked and moved the usb, cable , ethernet ports , accidently took out proc. fan, to which had a hard time reinserting and also broke 2 of its 4 legs which re inserting it.
    installed ram back.
    fixed cabinet , which is now cleaner.

    Took out modem, smacked it few times hard, dissconnected all wires, cleaned them, reconnected them, found a reset button at back.
    Started PC seperately and modem seperately, ressetted it( which basically jst reconnected to the internet, which happens every time i turn it on -_-, so nothing unusualy here )

    now connected both with lan cable/ ethernet cable.

    problem fixed.... at least its working for now!!

    Dont know which part did it though, smacking? LOL
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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    Its all back to shit. This morning everything came back to same.

    Damn. Can there be any server problems with my ISP, i called them today and they said "yes, there is, since 2 days :/ "
    But my problem started before that, And if the server is some issue then why is the speedtest and torrent is running positively
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browser download speed suddenly reduced,browsing is normal
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