First off, thanks in advance for even reading this...

Second, I've exhausted Microsoft support to the point of refund on this issue...

Problem Scenario:

When an RDP 8.x client tries to connect using our TS gateway (Server 2k8 sp2 (not R2)), it hangs until the timeout occurs on "Initiating remote connection". Extensive research points the finger at the new version of RDP 8.x using UDP as it's default transport protocol. I'm reading that windows 8 non-pro versions do not come with the secpol or gpmgmt consoles, so the only way to change the transport protocol is by modifying the registry. Would anyone happen to know the registry key?

The system is 64-bit if that makes a difference.


I've reset IIS, changed authentication types for RPC, RPC-cert, and TS to every settings possible, rebuilt the server, restored from backup, run several recommended hotfixes, disabled NTLMv2, and God know's what else.