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Printing simultaneously from 2 separate networks

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    Printing simultaneously from 2 separate networks

    I have network and printer connection problems. I need to ask some basic questions before giving details.

    Using new Sagemcom F@st 1704N combo modem/router (replacing an old fried Sagemcom 4300 single function modem) wired to a previously used Linksys/Cisco 610N router which was, and is wired to 3 WAPs in more remote locations.

    Are these assumptions correct?

    1 The new network SSID is coming from the 1704 combination modem router.

    2 The old network SSID is broadcast by the remote WAPs, but not by the old 610N device.

    3 Can a network printer (Brother MFC-8810 DW wireless network device) be configured to work with 2 or more wireless networks at the same time.

    4 As a workaround is it it possible to configure a Windows 8.1 laptop computer using Bluetooth to connect to the router and printer.

    With answers to these questions, I can better give more specific details.

    Thank you.

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    Not going to be easy if you are using an Edge router on top of the gateway for the connection. You would need a router, that would allow you to setup VLAN's, or able to route into the other network.

    The printer is not the problem. It is the setup that matters for the LAN topology.
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    Hi there

    So long as the IP addresses are different and reachable by the client computers I don't see what the problem is.
    The two LANS should be visible in your File explorer. (If the name is the same - e.g Workgroup then I haven't a clue but normally in file explorer you should be able to see all the computers etc on networks accessible by that computer).

    I don't know anything about VNETS / Virtual switches etc - so I might be totally wrong here but I'd assume it's quite common for individual printers to be simultaneously available over several LANS -- most decently sized offices have printers all over the place not always on the same LAN and usually reachable by the logged on clients.

    I know where I am at work if I'm going to a meeting in a different building (on a different LAN) I can print on the printer in that building before I go - saves carrying the printout to the other building - fiddly to set it up but it works so I assume it's possible.

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    Thank you gentlemen.
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Printing simultaneously from 2 separate networks
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