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How to add more sharing folders/stream more folders to PS3

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    How to add more sharing folders/stream more folders to PS3

    Hey everyone, I'm having a very very frustrating time with what should be something very simple.
    For a couple weeks I have been streaming shows to my ps3 from my computer. On my PS3 I have access to four folders, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Playlists, the first three of which I can locate on my computer. When I want to watch a video, I simply copy it into the Videos folder on my computer, then stream from there.
    Now I'd like to stream music, my problem is that my music isn't in my Music folder, I have it in a separate folder that doesn't show up on my PS3. Copying over all my music would take time, and I'd also have to redo my WMP playlists. I have tried adding this folder to my shared folder list, and to my Music library, but neither of these things made a difference.

    I've spent a couple hours now trying to figure this out, but I can't seem to find anything on google that relates to my specific problem, but there is absolutely no way I'm the first person who's ever wanted to access folder's other than the 4 I've mentioned. This is starting to get really ridiculous, I'm somebody who know's my way around computers, but I've never done any kind of networking before, but there's no way it should be this difficult to solve my problem, or that theres so few resources to help me..

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    You really would be better in using a DLNA server like Twonkybeam for sharing folders to the PS3. Windows Media Player does a very poor job. There are some others out there for media streaming.
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How to add more sharing folders/stream more folders to PS3
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