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Can I used both "wired" and Wifi together on one system

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    Can I used both "wired" and Wifi together on one system

    I have a new computer with inbuilt Wifi on the motherboard

    For months I used the Wifi option and found it was okay for accessing the net but VERY SLOW accessing my NAS.

    So I went into the UEFI BIOS and disabled Wifi and plugged in the network cable. Everything is peachy, my write speed to my NAS is about 10 times faster than it was under Wifi BUT....

    I still appear to have the Wifi symbol in my notification area. It doesn't seem active but it set me to wondering....

    Can I re-enable the Wifi in BIOS and have the "wired" connection too? Will this work? Will it be faster?

    My motherboard has an Intel AND a Realtek network ports (and the Wifi). Can I run another cable to the other network port and use ALL 3 and get a really fast connection/throughput?

    I had 2 network ports on my old W7 system too but never thought to use them both

    Should I ask this question in a hardware section rather than General Support?


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    You really need to use a router that either has built in wifi, or go with a Wired Router and separate WiFi Access Point. My setup is in my System Specs, for my network. Pictures are in my album
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    I cannot explain why you still have the icon in the notification area. If you are certain that you do have both enabled, the Ethernet connection should normally be the only one showing. (On my computers, anyway)

    Partly due to pure laziness, I normally have both wi fi and Ethernet enabled. It certainly does nothing for the speed. But, in my case, I use a docking station on my laptops, which is connected through the Ethernet. It is more convenient to have both enabled so that when I undock, I keep my connection.

    As far as I am aware, all domestic/home routers have wifi, except those which can be purchased for specific (VPN) environments. As you state you have been on wifi for some months, I would say you have a router with full WiFi.

    fwiw. You may find, in Windows 8, you may have to click the internet connection (notification are) icon and "connect" the wi fi. It will also offer the option to "connect automatically"
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    Perth, Western Australia
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    Thanks for the replies

    Yes, I have a modem with full Wifi. I connect through my iPad Air, iPhone 5S, a laptop and an old Windows 7 desktop (wired) too. I also have a 3Tb NAS and a 1Tb portable external drive plugged into the USB on the modem.

    Is there any advantage to running 2 cables to the 2 network ports AND the MB built-in Wifi, ALL at the same time? Will I get a functionally faster connection? Or will it not work with multiple connections?

    It is a standard modem, not like broe23's setup? 4 wired ports and 8(?) Wifi ports....
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Can I used both "wired" and Wifi together on one system
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