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WiFi Card issues with Windows 8/8.1

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    Windows 8.1 Core X64

    WiFi Card issues with Windows 8/8.1

    Hi guys

    I have been having this problem for quite a while now and have re-installed Windows 8 several times to try an fix it. My laptop seems to not work properly with Wifi cards, I run Windows 8.1 core edition ad my laptop is fine with my wifi cards when I shut down and power on the laptop but when I perform a restart within Windows 8.1, the wifi card does not work and Windows 8.1 detects no wifi card installed but the second I shut down and power on, it's fine again. I have tried this with 4 Wifi cards and 3 of them have had the same result with 1 behaving slightly differently.

    The Wifi Cards I have used are listed below.

    Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN
    Intel Centrino Advanced 6250
    Railink RT5390R

    The first 3 WiFi cards all behave the same however the Railink RT5390R does allow me to restart and work when the laptop has booted back up. The RT5390R was the WiFi card that came with my laptop when I first got it and I stopped using it due to poor signal reception and that after 3 hours of use, it would drop out and the computer would have to be restarted for it to work again.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong here. Has anyone else had the same problem

    My laptop is a HP Pavilion G6 2253SA
    Intel Core I5 3210M 2.5-3.1ghz
    8GB Ram DDR3 1600MHz
    1TB Solid state Hybrid Drive
    Intel HD 4000

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    Honest input, swapping all those cards around, the registry probably is scrambled. Surprised you haven't broken the tiny connectors or wires by now.

    Will be glad to help but you probably should use CCleaner at this point, delete all wifi drivers and start over when it comes to wireless. Pick a card and concentrate on getting the correct drivers and getting it to work.

    Again, I'll try to help.
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    One thing to check is the power management configuration for your wifi card. This might explain your connection shutting off after a certain time or maybe card not showing up again (it's been disabled). Problems like that could be emphasized on laptops.

    Here is a link that explains how to disable this feature :
    How to disable Power Management settings on your WiFi Adapter.
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    Windows 8.1 Core X64

    I would like to stick to the Intel Centrino Advanced 6250 AGN. I have removed all the other drivers and already tried the method of disabling power management. The device will still not boot.

    I can't understand why everything almost works fine for the RT5390R but the other 3 wifi cards all have the same issues of not turning on after a restart. I tried all 4 wifi cards in Windows 7 and other than the Railink card being weak for signal, there was no problems but the second I installed Windows 8.0, none of them work after restart and those same rules apply after updating to 8.1. I did all these tests within the last week or so. Because there was no problems on Windows 7, this makes me think the wires in side that connect to the wifi card are fine.
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    windows 8.1 Enterprise

    Wifi Card issues

    I have an Intel Celeron N2807 Laptop. I have a very reliable antivirus (just say to show I seem to have no virus)

    I recommend to all windows 8 users that have issues on WIFI connections to BUY a mini-USB Wifi dongle(it's the size of a thumb).

    I could not surf the web (for 1 year) until I bought this little device for just 3 euros, in the top chinese web (starting with letter A ).

    I want to thank this Forum for telling how to have a better life and how to -----make Windows 8 work -------
    Sorry to the Administrator if I said something unappropiate.

    thank you so much and G*d bless you
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WiFi Card issues with Windows 8/8.1
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