Itīs a desktop using wifi to avoid a long cable deployment. Iīm using my husbandīs machine, right next to mine, to post about it, over the same wifi network, but according to my machine there are either no networks available or the connection is limited, which seems to mean useless. The device manager says the network card and the wifi fob are working correctly, and i had no trouble until 2 days ago. I got out an old, long cable and connected to the network with that, and for a few minutes Chrome said there was no internet connection while Skype worked fine. Now Chrome has found the network.
I tried the reset IP stack solution suggested in a closely related thread today with no luck. Utorrent had sent out an update just before this started, i tried deleting it and ran CCleaner. This has been an intermittent problem, as well - last night the wifi worked fine.