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Windows 8 Wireless Adapter Dropping?

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    Windows 8 Wireless Adapter Dropping?

    This is a 6 month Old Gateway Laptop, Windows 8 preinstalled. Broadcom Network Adapter.

    I have a Buffalo WZR-300GB Router (2.4mHz, with 802.1/ 11g/b/n) all working. There are 4 wired and 3 wireless computers on the network. Wife's Gateway (Windows 8) is the ONLY one with [wireless]dropped connections. No MOVE has been made with Her Laptop or the Router.

    This is the troubleshooting I've have done so far.

    1. Uninstalled/reinstalled network adapters.
    2. Reset the adapters.
    3. Scanned Hardware changes (before/after) in the Device Manager
    4. Turned off Power Management.
    5. Disabled the Lan (wired) connection-adapter.
    6. Removed (Forget this Connection) 2 other wireless connections from outside the home.
    7. Wireless Adapters are set to "Maximum Performance" under (edit power plan).
    8. Moved to Laptop (actually the 1st thing I did) to 2 different locations with same results, dropped connection.
    9. Under settings the Topology is all Checked, Except 2 I have never seen before. Multi-Layer Protocol, and Kernel 64 something. Anyway, when I insert a check mark next to both. I'm Prompted "Do you really want to disable this connections?" I have done both (checked/unchecked) nothing changes.
    10. Under Device Manager: Restore all Hidden Adapters, About Five More adapter showed up I had never seen before. So then I Scanned for Hardware Changes. No effect!

    Now! Come On Microsoft! Do we ALL know someone who has gone through EVERY one of these trouble shoots? There's a PROBLEM (DUH!) here with a conflict-power nonsense thing. That I am NOT an IT expert. I can troubleshoot a Problem! But be Real Here....

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    you can try this ( I assume you have the updated drivers from Broadcom) place them on a flash drive and plug it into the
    laptop. try updating the drivers manually in the device manager pointing to the folder on your flash drive the drivers are on.
    when done shut down the laptop completely, remove the battery and hold down the power key for 10 seconds or so.
    plug the battery back in and boot to your bios screen and check your lan and wifi settings there.
    reboot to windows and see if that has helped.
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Windows 8 Wireless Adapter Dropping?
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