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No Wifi after standby

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    Damn, this is happening even with my wired connection on my desktop now. WTH. So friggin annoying. Was fine for days and days then now everytime I come back from "sleep" i have to run the stupid troubleshooter, just like my laptop did.
    Did you install any kind of 3rd party security on these machines whatsoever? If so, likely culprit.

    You could also try simply rebooting your router. Stranger things have happened. Update its firmware to newest is good too.

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    Havent installed any 3rd part security programs. Have reset router but I may try just bypassing it, putting computer to sleep, then see what happens. I guess the router could be a possible cause but Ive not seen this happen till just the other day on my wired ethernet when ive been running Win CP for nearly a month now.
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    Still does it bypassing the router. I have Realtek on my desktop like I did on my laptop. Guess its a Realtek problem, but I dont understand why it started occurring all of a sudden.
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    Installed drivers form this thread and reseted IP stack.

    Problem improved (now it connects and stays at limited instead of not detecting networks), but otherwise it stays. I still have to run troubleshooter or reboot. Troubleshooter gives me same error than before.

    I have ESET Smart Security which installs its stuff into network adapter, but it worked without any problems on Win7 on same laptop.
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    If you have VirtualBox(or a VM using the internet) installed goto Adapter Settings -> Right-Click Wireless(Or Wired) -> Properties then uncheck the bridge network driver
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    I too am having this issue. I am using Windows 8 on a Sony Vaio Tap 20. When I wake the computer from sleep mode my wifi signal dies. A workaround is to disconnect the wifi in the settings and reconnect and that helps, but its a PITA. I have downloaded all the sony updates, and checked my router. My iphone and ipad never lose its signal, just my friggin Sony computer, Very annoying.
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No Wifi after standby
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