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Can't connect with wifi or ethernet-can see networks

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    Can't connect with wifi or ethernet-can see networks


    I am trying to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue for my Mom & Dad's laptop. It is an HP 64-bit running Windows 8.1. Up until this morning, it was able to connect to wi-fi. My mother was on the internet with no problems. They have my-fi with AT&T and my dad's laptop and tablet connect fine.
    We have tried:
    • restarting the HP
    • taking the battery out
    • uninstalling the wi-fi network adapter, restarting and letting it reinstall
    • forgetting the network
    • manually adding the network back in

    and nothing worked.

    So, I took the laptop back to my house and connected it directly into my router via Ethernet cable, but to my surprise, it showed connected, but no internet connection. I ran the troubleshooter and it said that "Ethernet" doesn't have a valid IP config. I restarted the laptop with the ethernet plugged in, but it came back up with limited connectivity and the same error message. I tried connecting to my wifi at my house and again, it sees the various networks, but will not connect. I get a message when I hit the connect button that it is Checking network requirements, but then after about 30-45 seconds it says Can't connect to this network. All of the other laptops/pc's/tablets and phones are connecting just fine.

    I used to work on a help desk about 5 years ago, but the only Windows 8 experience I have is with their laptop, so I am a complete idiot when comes to Windows 8 and I'm very rusty when it comes to everything else, so please be gentle. I have gone thru the forums looking for the same issue and have found several similar, either without a solution or the solution has not worked for me. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.


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    -are all of the drivers for the adapter up to date?
    -have you tried doing a full master reset on the router?

    If your fathers internet is fine but the mothers is not it has to be with the adapter somehow. I have had adapters in the past that randomly start to quirk up and then randomly start working fine before it can be strange I know. How old is this adapter anyway? Most adapters ( with heavy use of course ) only lasts around six months to a year, with moderate use they generally do good for about up to about five years.
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    This may be of help: Resetting TCP/IP Settings in Windows 8

    Might also want to look at any anti-virus program installed.
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    Since it is happening with all of the routers it tries to connect to (my home wifi and ethernet and their mi-fi) and no other device is having an issue with any of them, I can safely say it 's not a router issue.

    Her laptop is basically used to play scrabble and other games, not connected to the internet. She gets on the internet every once in a while just to surf or check email, so there isn't very heavy usage.

    The driver for the wi-fi is a Railnik RT5390R 802.11bfn was from November 25, 2013. So I did as you suggested and went to the Railnik site and downloaded the latest driver from this past May. I updated the driver and restarted the laptop, but still could not connect.
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    It sounds like to me then the adapter is just over time becoming defective. There aren't many other possibilities it could be. Wireless adapters never have been the best in the world when it came to life span. You can get a cheap one for about $20-30 that will suit her needs just fine as she doesn't do heavy surfing.

    As I said in my original post I wouldn't be surprised if you left the adapter alone and didn't use it for let's say a week or so. Plug it in and it will connect just fine for a short while.
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Can't connect with wifi or ethernet-can see networks
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