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Windows 8.1 keeps losing manual DNS settings: Workaround?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead View Post

    I wonder if it could be some anti-malware that resets dns, hosts, home pages etc.?

    Or something that uses Shadow Copy Service? When you reboot changes evaporate.
    My thoughts exactly something like net nany or similar or even some ISP software that they insist you need but don't (just to squeeze a buck out you from adverting)

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    Thanks everyone for your help and insights with this!
    I really appreciate the support. I've got one step left to go in my "convenient and privacy oriented setup", on this machine. At long last, despite Windows and my ISP throwing plenty of obstacles in the path.

    Quote Originally Posted by TairikuOkami View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by martienne View Post
    However, my router (provided by my ISP) doesn't seem to have that setting.
    That is a basic setting for any router, it is probably well hidden, what kind of a router do you have?
    It's called the Superhub, although it's not very super.....
    The ISP I have here in the UK at the moment is one of the worst on the planet, I think.
    They force customers to use their router, and the router doesn't allow changing of the DNS
    They also censor hundreds of sites, simply refusing to resolve the names. Plenty of complaints about it in their forums, but no official response. People who complained about it had to teach the customer service what DNS is.... Additionally their DNS is slow. Tip to all in the UK; Stay CLEAR of this totally useless ISP which is in the pocket of Hollywood, NSA/GCHQ and Lord knows who else....! Why do Virgin suppress the ability to set the DNS ... - Help & Support Forum
    I had no choice but to use them, according to what the porter in my building told me when I moved in.

    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sml156 View Post
    Just out of curiosity what is it changing your DNS to that might shed some light on what's doing it
    I wonder if it could be some anti-malware that resets dns, hosts, home pages etc.?

    Or something that uses Shadow Copy Service? When you reboot changes evaporate.
    The Windows copy is off a CD, so it's nothing funny from a hardware vendor - I know such builds sometimes comes with lots of junk... But this is pure clean install.
    I'm not using any anti-virus of any kind As an ex programmer I never got started using it (it really messes with a machine, and used to slow it down terribly) I have always managed my security in other ways (firewall, common sense, cloned backup system disk offline, User folder on D: and all the good old tricks). Please don't get side-tracked with that. I know that many consider it practically blasphemy to not use antivirus, but I just don't need it. I do a scan every now and then and never have any virus. I promise you it's safe, and lots of people who work in IT don't bother with antivirus. You mainly just get false positives, idiotic messages and it doesn't protect against brand new viruses. If you know how viruses and malware is caught, you can avoid exposure. I recently did a scan and the machine is clean. I also regularly run check HijackThis and CCcleaner. All clear there too.

    I do have a third party VPN software installed which I have occassionally used. Maybe that resets the DNS?! Or maybe it somehow is re-set from the ISP. DCHP or something?! I am very sketchy of how the connectivity with them works. Networking is my blind spot with IT, I never really knew it.

    Other than that I really don't know what....
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    We were not suggesting you had a virus or malware we were thinking it was some type of security or malware prevention program.
    What does it reset your DNS too is my question if you open a command prompt and type or paste


    paste the results in your next post
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    It used to reset it to auto-config of the DNS from the ISP.
    Not anymore though, since I got that script working.
    The results from nslookup will not reflect this problem, since I started using the workaround.
    I also noticed in the connection log that a VPN I was using sometimes, resets DNS to the Google DNS servers.
    I had not noticed them being in that setting, but clearly it's not unusual for various network related services to mess around with DNS. Also, I can see in my config that DCHP is running. I guess it might just be reset upon re-connection to the ISP or something.
    I am way out of my depth with this, and I don't know what I could do about it, even if I found out what caused it.
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    Ah...the Virgin media Superhub...yes I use one of those...BUT....I have mine set to modem only....and then use my OWN router to do what I want with the routing/DNS lookups etc...
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Windows 8.1 keeps losing manual DNS settings: Workaround?
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