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Network not available instantly after resume from sleep

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    Network not available instantly after resume from sleep

    I have a frustrating problem on my Windows 8.1 laptop that only started a couple of weeks ago.

    Previously, whenever I resumed my laptop from sleep mode, the network would always be instantly available too. I've always been impressed with the speeds of resuming from sleep in Windows 8, it's all pretty instant and means I can get straight back to browsing etc once I've entered my password.

    Now, if I wake the laptop from sleep, I enter my password and the network appears to not be available for about a minute or so. Then it functions normally, but it's very, very frustrating as I can't work out the cause. When I resume, if I try and refresh webpages, I get 'network not available' errors in Chrome, but the monitors (I use Network Activity Indicator) in the system tray don't show a loss of network connectivity (i.e - there is no red 'X' over the wireless signal bars)

    Sometimes, if when entering my password I get it incorrect, it will say "PC is offline. Please enter the last password you logged on with" - I am assuming this is also due to the above problem.

    Why could this have suddenly started happening? No settings have changed/been changed on the router side.

    Any ideas?


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    First thing I would try is open Device Manager, go to the WiFi adapter. Right click and select Properties. See if it has checked something to the effect "allow adapter to be shut off to save power." If so, uncheck it.

    I've seen my power profile lose a setting here and there for no apparent reason.
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    Also, try power cycling your router and/or isp hardware.
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    It takes time for everything to wake up. Most newer Wifi routers/gateways/access points. Go into a sleep mode for the IP related to the MAC. Even if you set the wifi adapter to never go into sleep mode. Once the computer goes into sleep. It takes time for the wifi adapter to get a ping/crc back from the router, that the router is ready to communicate.

    Think of it as Radar on M.A.S.H. He would talk repeatedly into the radio, to get his buddy Sparky to communicate back to him. Same thing basically when it comes to wifi if you really want to look at it in simple terms.
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    Thanks for all the replies, sorry for late response on the matter. I think resetting the router did it, simple as it sounds. Doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. However, I was sure I had already tried that! But maybe not.
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Network not available instantly after resume from sleep
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