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How to protect computer from another one I attach to LAN

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    How to protect computer from another one I attach to LAN


    I help fix friends computers when they get a virus etc. and want to be able to connect their computers to my home network while at the same time ring fencing their computer so that they can only access the internet (for updates and virus definitions).

    I want to be able to prevent their machine from seeing and interacting with my computer and other "trusted" machines and devices on my network and I want all of my machines (Windows 8.1 and Windows 7) from having their media sharing services and shared folders etc. popping up in my machines.

    I understand that I can setup VLAN's for this purpose but sadly my router Netgear DG834GT does not have VLANS.

    Can anyone give me a pointer as to the best way to achieve this so I don't have to turn my computer off when I connect theirs. I would like it to be fairly seamless and not have to change the settings on my computers every time if possible.


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    ps. Just to let you know I also have a stock Netgear DG834V3 router sitting around that I could utilize and do some sort of port forwarding. I'm not sure how this might work though.

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    Hi Smip,
    not my area but a couple of things sping to mind.
    >>>ALL<<< 8/8.1 comp will have to have network discovery Turned OFF,
    and allow remote access should be turned off as well.
    The guest laptop should be set to private network and no sharing allowed.

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    Thanks for that. I wonder if the following would work:

    My router is
    My PC and other devices are all 192.168.0.x

    Could I set up my spare router as an access point only and give it an IP address of
    Turn its DHCP on to allocate 192.168.20.x

    Set-up a static route to point all traffic to

    Would that then allow computers connected to the spare route have access to the internet but the 192.168.0.x computers will not be able to see or interact in any way with the 192.168.20.x router and friends computer which would be say????

    This would be ideal as it allows internet to the friends computer but does not allow any nasties on it to see my devices and computer and will not allow my computers to discover the friends machine and vice versa.

    Just not too sure if that will work and which router I need to set up the static routes etc.

    It also means (if this scenario can work) that I don't have to worry about their computer having discovery disabled, private network, etc....

    I wonder also, Would I need to setup firewall rules on my router to ban 192.168.20.x somehow from everyting apart from the gateway out to the internet (ie. the WAN side). If so how??

    I need some network Guru to help me I think.


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    I've set up a second router by plugging it into the main router and doing what you are thinking of. It has worked fine, the networks cannot see each other. Not sure what you mean about "set up a static route". But changing the IP address and the DHCP allocation was all I did.

    At someone else's house I just plugged two routers together and did nothing else, they were already on different ip address ranges and worked fine.
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    Cool. I'll give it a go then. Wanted to be sure before I shelled out on an additional power supply as I only have one (both use same adaptor).

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How to protect computer from another one I attach to LAN
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