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Network Desktop Shortcut Does not Update

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    Network Desktop Shortcut Does not Update

    Strange behavior on my Win 8.1 desktop with a shortcut to Control Panel\Network Connections\Ethernet Network. After a system startup, (as administrator) the shortcut can "Disable" the network connection by right clicking the shortcut and selecting "Disable". Later, when the shortcut is right clicked again, the context menu still says "Disable". I would call this a failure to update the shortcut, but I have no idea what is actually happening.

    In order to get the shortcut to "update" itself, I have only to open the Control Panel\Network Connections window. Magically, the shortcut will then reflect the true state of the network when right clicking the shortcut on the desktop.

    Any thoughts about what is necessary to keep the shortcut updated? Is this a software bug? Thank you!

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    I just tried it myself, however for me it gives the option to select 'enable' when I right click, so I'm not sure why it isn't updating for you.

    Click image for larger version

    I don't know whether this will be of any help to you, but instead of right clicking, you can double click the icon instead. (Double click > Select 'disable' to disable. Double click icon again to re-enable.)

    Alternatively, you could always create a shortcut to 'Network Connections' one level up instead (Control Panel\Network Connections), by right clicking on Desktop > New Shortcut > Paste the following as location of item C:\Windows\System32\ncpa.Cpl and see how you get on with that instead.
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    Thanks for trying it out. If the shortcut is working normally for you, I'm not sure what differences there might be. I tried creating the shortcut that you suggested. It takes me directly to the Control Panel\Network Connections window, but does not list the enable/disable choices. Again, I can begin with the network in its boot-up state and the context menu correctly indicates the state of the network. Once the network state is changed, the shortcut does not update itself unless the Control Panel\Network Connections window is opened. Nothing needs to be selected at that point....the shortcut updates as soon as the control panel window opens. Strange, and thanks again.

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Network Desktop Shortcut Does not Update
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