I have a strange problem here, the computer I have running 8.1 keeps having network problems (I had a similar problem with a laptop but since it wasnt really an issue I never solved it, check my other posts - I think this might be because of windows 8 which both computers have)

first I am using this for gaming and mining, it happens all the time but I cant figure out the reason why and I think its windows 8 because I had windows 7 before and never noticed this problem although it could have happened I didnt use the computer much for that time I just got windows 8 later because I was using a copy of windows 7 that wasnt registered and I decided to buy windows 8 so I could play games and actually use the computer for something other than mining

here is a little info about what happens

1. what I mean by it "goes out" is the mining software will report it cant connect to the server - or multiplayer online game goes offline - or the internet stops working while i am using it

2. the network icon (lower right corner) is still normal then it will get the yellow triangle

3. I try the internet and its not working

4. I can unplug the cable and replug it in and it starts working again

5. or it will start working again after a few minutes or a few hours if I do nothing

here is some info about the setup

1. other wired computers work fine, I have tested cables and even switched around cables with no change

2. speed test on all computers except for the problem one is 20-25 mbps down from comcast

3. network transfer speeds across all computers and servers are really fast except for this computer

4. this is random, it can go out from time to time and come back within a few minutes to a few hours - or I can unplug the cable and plug it back in and it works right away

5. first of all I have noticed the network speed was slow when downloading stuff so I did a speed test and only got 1mbps or sometimes 12-13mbps, I have 20-25mbps from comcast when tested on my other computers

6. I have 2 computers next to each other, 1 is windows 7 and 1 is windows 8.1

7. windows 7 says internet speed is 20-25mbps - windows 8.1 computer says its 1mbps, or sometimes 12-13mbps

8. replaced all network cables and swept tested them they all work fine

here is what I need to figure out

1. how to log all network info to see if there is a pattern to this outage

2. event viewer is hard to figure out it seems changed from the last time i used it in the XP days, how can I see only network stuff