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Printing problem after Win 8 PC added to network

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I will be away for a couple of days and will try them when I get back.

    Strange that XP never required such effort to get network printing done.

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    win 8.1

    I have used both ipconfig and Wake Me On Lan to confirm the addresses of my four PCs. They are:

    Win 8 (three USB printers attached)
    Win 7A (one USB printer attached)
    Win 7B
    Win 7C

    As I understand it, problems occur when the addresses of network entities start moving. However, this doesn't appear to be happening here.

    Do I go ahead and anchor the Win 8's address, or do I anchor all of the PCs? Will it help to do this if addresses don't seem to be wandering?

    The three printers attached to the Win 8 did work throughout the network initially and then went offline. It is not as if the hosting of printers on the Win 8 never worked. And all the while the printer attached to one of the Win 7s continues to work throughout the network. It seems that the issue lies within Win 8. But where?
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    Anchor all the ip addresses and start a home group it uses more stable settings, its easy, as I outlined in a previous post, and its easy to remove just click leave on all machines. Create the homegroup on the windows 8 machine and then join all the others. Check printer sharing on the appropriate machines - in W8 its control panel / devices & printers/ select printer - right click select printer properties and then choose the settings (you can also select driver sharing there) - I think its the same for W7. Make sure you have the drivers installed on all machines - you can easily check to see if its working by opening a notepad and select print - if it doesn't show up select find printer, locate the printer in Network and select. Another cause of your problem maybe you haven't selected the printers as default printer otherwise it will automatically select microsoft's preference - if you use notepad to check, and as you have multiple printers you have to reselect the appropriate printer before printing also - this is confusing me, but you will resolve it easily.
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    I have been having a go at trying various things and found by chance that one of my Win 7s (the one I am using now and use the most) wasn't directly opening the Win 8 when I clicked its icon on the Desktop. From time to time I get a popup with that ridiculous error message asking for the network password. There is no doubt a way to kill this thing permanently, but I get rid of it by entering 'user' and my password. This then shows the shared folders and the printers in Explorer, but at the same time adds a heading saying 'Unspecified' with the number of items in parentheses, i.e. 'Unspecified (5)'.

    However, I thought that this may be a reason for my most used PC not printing via the Win 8. Sure enough, printing to the remote printers again worked. I then went to the other two Win 7s and they could again print via the Win 8.

    I intend to get serious and fix this issue permanently with fixed addresses, but for the present seem to have network printing again working as expected. But I would also like to get the Win 8 to open properly from the Win 7 I am on. The other two Win 7s open normally from this Win 7.
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Printing problem after Win 8 PC added to network
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