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How to find a reliable network speed test

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    How to find a reliable network speed test

    Are you getting all the network bandwidth you're paying for? Good luck trying to find out.
    How to find a reliable network speed test - CNET

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  2. #2 measures speed to your ISP by default but that's where story ends. Ever try setting different places to which to measure speed ? Some places are much slower than other, it depends on many factors which speed you get. I don't think there could be "one fits all" speed. All you can be sure of is the speed between you and your ISP, the rest will vary widely from place to place.
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    More like how to find a unbiased resource for reporting. The last place I would trust is Too much congestion on is a hit or miss, but more real world. I am in the Samknows test group and find that their results are point on, for what I should be getting.
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    I like this one. Very accurate in testing my crappy satellite ISP. Internet Speed Test - THE World No.1 Broadband Line Quality Speed Test
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    I keep DuMeter on one screen always when downloading or uploading, it shows in real time, real speeds and rarely it goes to maximum speed between me and ISP. Best to check ping thru command prompt, it can show where it bottlenecks. Most of the time it is not at ISP's or my end but on some place in between. Sometimes there's more than 30 places it has to go thru and anywhere it can slow down. Tracert www.whatever com can show every place it goes thru.Click image for larger versionand this is a very short one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by popeye View Post
    I like this one. Very accurate in testing my crappy satellite ISP. Internet Speed Test - THE World No.1 Broadband Line Quality Speed Test
    not bad but I wish I could get those numbers when I do download stuff ,best I can ever get is just over 2000kbps from Microsoft msdn
    Download Speed: 19530 kbps (2441.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 2028 kbps (253.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 93 ms
    Jitter: 4 ms
    Packet Loss: -1%
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    You can't receive it before it's sent. Anything coming from a slow or congested or very far server is bound to be slower. You can have gigabit internet speed and if it is sent 1Kbps, that's all the speed you can get it at. It's better to think of "speed" as bandwidth. You can download many things coming from different places at the same time until it covers up your whole bandwidth and none will slow down until it is exceeded.
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How to find a reliable network speed test
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