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Where do I type in the WiFi Key

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    windows 8.1

    Where do I type in the WiFi Key

    I plugged in my Linklsys USB Network Adpater.
    It appears under: Control Panel / network & Internet / Network Connections
    And is indicates that the signal is strong.
    I right mouse click on it and select Connect/Disconnect
    A blue panel slides in from the RHS of the screen.
    It says: Networks. View Connection Settings. No connections are available.
    I click 'view connection settings',
    It says 'Not connected' - so I click on that
    which takes me to a page of properties.
    What I am looking for is the button for "CONNECT TO THIS ADAPTER".

    What is frustrating is that there is no clear indication if Windows 8 cant deal with the adapter or if I just havent got to the settings page for the adapter.

    Under Properties > Configure, it says it is working properly and the driver is upto date.
    I also clicked 'Diagnose' but it couldn't identify the problem (though I dont know if there is a problem).

    I tried the same thing on a windows 7 PC in the same room and it worked fine.
    I dont have WPS.

    Could someone please tell me what is supposed to happen when I plug in an adapter or what the likely problem is.

    I'm on windows 8.1

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    Setup a new connection or network should work:

    Click image for larger version
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    When you click on the WiFi connection, choose the A/P that you want to connect to. If it needs a key. It will ask for it.
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    Hello spiderplant, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    In addition, see if this may be able to help for now. Be sure that you have any required drivers for the network USB key installed first.

    Wireless Network - Connect To or Disconnect in Windows 8
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    windows 8.1

    @popeye, thanks. I guess you mean then for me to click on 'set up a new network' option. - no devices appear.

    @broe23 - from where do I do this?
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    windows 8.1

    @Brink - thanks. I uninstalled the driver, downloaded the new one from Linksys and and then went into Device Manager to try to install the new driver. However it jsut says "Windows could not find software for your device" (I point it to the unzipped folder containing the driver and have 'search sub-directories' ticked. I also tried running the linksys setup program but I dont thing this runs to completion (probably not compatabile with windows 8).

    Its funny that it works fine (and automatically installs everything) in windows 7. Maybe its a bug in windows 8. Or maybe this device is too old for windows 8.

    I ask this question to find out if I had missed something in the setup. E.g. I should have gone to some setting to enter the wifi password. Can you confirm, from my description in my original post, that it sounds like windows 8 has got stuck? If so, I will buy a new adapter.
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    What's the model number for your Linksys USB Network Adapter?

    One of us may be able to find a compatible driver for it.
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    windows 8.1

    It is a Linksys wireless-G WUSB54GS version 2.1

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    64-bit Windows 10

    Well, Linksys doesn't even have drivers available for it. It is pretty old though.

    WUSB54GS Support | Wireless-G USB Adapter with SpeedBooster?

    If the drivers you got have an installation file, then see if installing it with it instead of through Device Manager may work instead. You may need to use compatibility mode on the driver installation file.
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    usb wireless

    Hi Spider,
    had this problem with my built-in wlan, i sorted it by using the MS generic drivers.
    Browse in my comp > let me pick> UNCHECK compatible hardware > select Manufacturer (linksys) then select your USB, either 1st wireless g or last wireless g with booster.
    like Brink said old usb but this might help.
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Where do I type in the WiFi Key
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