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Yes I can appreciate not seeing all of the set up forces you in to a corner of having to make assumptions.
Our set up is simple:
8 PC's and 2 laptops all going through one router for internet access . All are Networked through our telephone system. All access SAGE via a separate external hard drive (public on the network list). The PC's are all named Admin? (net BIOS names ADMIN?) with user names being the operator - Jo, Kelly and so on. The laptops are called laptop1 and 2. All are members of a Microsoft workgroup named XXXXXXXXX. The system has been functioning superbly up until I had to replace two PC's. The two new PC,s are win8. One is my system and this connected to the workgroup and functions fine. The other is the PC that I just cannot seem to get connected properly. All other PC's can see and access the PC (Admin8) however this PC just cannot see anything other than my win8 PC and two laptops that run win7.

I appreciate you help and patience. I will run the scans as detailed and let you know result.
If the scan's come up clean you might try changing the Workgroup name to Workgroup1 on the 8 PC with the problem, reboot the machine then change the name back to the common Workgroup name and check if you can see the XP machines.

Also check the computer browser service in Windows services, it might help to switch it to manual or automatic depending on it's initial setting.