Public IP not working.. been trying for 12 hours

So i've been on my pc non stop for 12 hours.. I Have windows 2008 R2 Datacenter, and i can't get IIS working.. Http nor ftp. I'm able to access locally, but using my public real IP i can't.

Whats funny is filezilla was working cause i tried to see if it was my internet, and it worked !! WHAT?? Now it doesn't, i did something lol..

i've tried turning off all firewalls, and literally everything. Now... i Have a Server with and it's got windows server 2012 on it.. if you will connec to my PC remotely to fix it, and or find a fix for me i'll let you use my account for the next 4 weeks, because i'm not using it.


also i've tried other ports,,, too no go