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Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users

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    Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users

    I hope someone can help me as I am not the most technical user of a PC. So if a solution is posted please make it easy.

    Here is my issue. I bought a new PC with Windows 8.1 and I probably set up stuff wrong at the start.

    I set up my wife and 2 daughters as Administrators like me but I thought that they would not be able to see my Documents or Pictures or Music as my Profile has a password. But they were able to see all my Music, Documents and Pictures.

    Previously in Windows XP, all our stuff was separate and they didn't see any of my files.

    Thinking all I had to do was make them Standard Users and this would rectify the issue but obviously it didn't. I have left them at Standard Users hoping for a solution from you people here on this Forum.

    So I am asking is there a way on Windows 8.1 to have my stuff Private for me and for no one to see it?



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    Just go to your User name folder as shown in the picture, my name is blocked out in Blue' right click a library folder then choose "Share With" then choose "Stop Sharing" for any particular Library folder that you don't want to share.

    You need to do this because in Windows 8/8.1 the Users folder is shared by default so that people don't get confused on how to share the Users folders, sharing of the Username folder was not enabled with Windows 7.
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    I don't appear to have a screen like that or I cannot find it. I told you I was not good at this technology thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Modemadfan View Post
    I don't appear to have a screen like that or I cannot find it. I told you I was not good at this technology thing
    Hmm you don't have a network folder to click on which should appear there on your taskbar? By default it should be there right next to the Internet Explorer icon lower left on the taskbar?

    This is about as simple as I can make it for you.

    Edit: I noticed you marked as solved, I'm glad I could help thanks for rep.

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    Go to Personalize, Change desktop icons and mark "Users files", you'll get a new icon on the desktop with your name on it. From there, using right button menu, you can exclude any folders from sharing with others.
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Hiding Documents/Music/Pictures from Other PC Users
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