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Win 8 /Motorola gateway drops internet access frequently

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    I viewed the Comcast forum on the web and found a long thread that complained about the software that ARRIS loaded on the Motorola cable modems - specifically my SB6580. Seems that starting mid February 2014 new software was up loaded to the gateway by Comcast or through Comcast that caused problems similar to mine. I now think ARRIS didn't quite get the software right when testing against Win 8. The Win 7 machine still works fine with the SB6580 using a wireless connection from the second floor to the first floor and about 100 feet of separation. I am going to wait for ARRIS to come out with a fix. Thanks to everyone who posted and offered suggestions.

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    The firmware on the Gateway & Modems have nothing to do with the OS that the end user is using. If you are having connection issues, due to placement of the Gateway. It has always been suggested to use Access Points, to help extend your footprint.

    It is also noted if you look through the threads. That it has been beaten to death for users to quit getting all-in-one devices with providers.

    The Firmware works fine in a Lab environment or in the office when tested, before being pushed out to the end users. Then we hear complaints about end users having issues. Majority of them is poor placement of the Gateway or A/P (buried behind a desk, stuck inside of a cabinet, the end user is more then 100' from the device out in their yard, wrong SSID being used, End user has lowered the power on the gateway, and/or not changed the channel to the less used channel in their area (Channels 1 & 5 are most likely to not have as many A/P's on them).

    There are so many factors at work here. It is trying to get the end user with the issue, answer questions that are asked. Such as what shows when you open a command window and put in 'netsh wlan show all' for all of the A/P's around you. What channel are they on. What is the -dbm that is showing. Another is are you using the correct driver? Meaning not using a Microsoft Signed driver. The last is location, location, location.
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Win 8 /Motorola gateway drops internet access frequently
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