I have a Desktop running windows 8.1 I use the classic start menu.

Also a Laptop running windows 7 Ultimate.

My WDlive is connected to the network.

My original opinion was a problem with the WDlive however:

Desktop 8.1 will read the WDlive and will access movies on the hub that is connected to it and I watch them on the computer scree.

My Laptop Also will read and play movies from the WDlive and watch movies on that screen

My Laptop will access the 8.1 desktop and play movies from it

My WDlive will access the Laptop and play movies from it.

So one can see that the network is working.

But when using the WDlive to access movies from the desktop running 8.1 I can see all the drives, all the folders but when trying to open a folder that I know has movies in I get the error "No media in current folder"

If I got the error when accessing the laptop I would say it was an error in the setup of the WDlive but that isnt the case.

All drives and folders are shared.

By the way, I have in the past been able to run movies from this desktop with 8.1 at one time so I do know it is possible.

Anyone any ideas I can try