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Setup ICS On a Surface Pro to share with WP8

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    Setup ICS On a Surface Pro to share with WP8

    You may have heard of ConnectifyME or Virtual Router Plus,
    These do not work for me, and they are more nag ware and crapware installing garbageware.

    Here is a Zip file for a Powershell Script I heavily modified,,, there are some caveats to using it
    Not as elegant as I wanted it to be, but it does work
    I am not a programmer by profession, more of a hobby
    I did not write all of this script, I just made it do what I wanted it to do from pieces I found posted on the net

    You have to run it, then go into Network Connections and locate your WiFi adapter
    Right Click and choose Properties
    Goto Sharing Tab and Check the top box and uncheck the bottom box
    You might need to select the adapter to share with,, it will be Local Area Connection* and some number
    You may not have to do that, it should still work
    Give it about 4 min at minimum to show up on your device
    You should only have to do this process once, after that it should be automatic when running the script

    There are 2 files in the Zip
    Extract these to some location, I recommend a flash drive or something like


    The first is Start Share.ps1
    You will have to modify this file to point to the location of the 2nd file Enable_Hostnetwork.ps1


    You can modify that path by opening Start Share.ps1 in Notepad

    You will then want to modify Enable_Hostnetwork.ps1
    Use Notepad or Notepad++

    You will look for (it is on Line 70)

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyShare key=12345678

    That is the only things you want to change, SSID and KEY
    Do Not Change Anything Else, it will break it.

    Then run it again and select Disable

    After a few moments

    Run it again and select Enable
    After another few moments you should have the WIFI show up on the phone

    I have tested this repeatedly and put my phone in airplane mode and it works over WIFI

    I wanted to do this through a batch file cause it would have been a lot easier
    But, I would not have been able to get the share to enable.

    If you have any issues I will try to post back if I can.
    I may try to re-write this in C#, I think I can get the results I want from that a lot easier
    And more options. But that will take me a while.

    I hope someone finds this useful.

    You can use this to transfer files using other File Manager Type Apps for the WP8 that support FTP or sending files via HTTP
    Among other things. Enjoy.
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Setup ICS On a Surface Pro to share with WP8
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