I had to put Windows 7 Ultimate on my home server as I couldn't get media center to install on Windows Home Server 2011, so I could have the server record my tv shows for me.

But on my windows 8 machine, it doesn't connect at all or sometimes it will ask for a name and password. I tried telling it to remember name and password, but it won't.

I finally turned on homegroup, and now it gets the folders I want to share with everyone, but not the private ones for me only. I had to keep the private folders outside of homegroup sharing, but it randomly won't share it, or it will ask for a name and password when it does work.

I've tried different folder permissions on my home server, but none are 100% successful.

Is there something I need to change or set?

I've googled for a cure, but everyone seems a little different problem from me.

Thanks for any help.