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Accessible outside, not inside

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Accessible outside, not inside

    Network Setup:
    • Fiber internet from the wall to an Actiontec C1000a Wireless Router/Modem
    • Port 1 on the Actiontec goes to a Belkin Wireless Router which branches off to all the devices in the entertainment center. (Xbox, PS3, DVR)
    • Port 2 on the Actiontec goes to a desktop with Windows 8.1 installed.
    • WiFi radio is turned off on the Actiontec and on on the Belkin.
    • There is also a Cisco Wireless Router at the other end of the house that is setup as a wireless repeater/bridge.

    Some Vitals:
    • The desktop has IIS installed and running.
    • Web server ports are forwarded in the Actiontec to the desktop.
    • I have registered a URL and have the DNS for that URL pointing to my public IP address.

    My Problem:
    While at work or any place other than my home, I can go to the URL and access the website set up on my desktop. Everything works fine. But, when I am at home and connected to the same network as the desktop, going to the URL won't work at all.
    Things I've Tried:
    • Pinging the URL while on my home network returns success.
    • Renaming the desktop to the URL is apparently not allowed.
    • DNS Host Mapping on the Actiontec does nothing.

    My Workaround:
    I've edited the hosts file with an entry for the URL and the LAN IP of the desktop. When I am not at home, I comment the entry and uncomment it when connected to my home network.
    My Questions:
    • Does anybody know of a setting I might be missing or configured wrong?
    • Does anybody have any suggestions on a better network setup?
    • Does anybody have any suggestions for better hardware?

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    I believe you would need to set up a split DNS for this to work "without the host file edit work around" .

    The following link explains how this works and how to set it up.

    You Need to Create a Split DNS!
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    Will this work if I have an external DNS?
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Accessible outside, not inside
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