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Wired Gigabit network speed maxed at 10mbps?

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    yea I know the speed test is useless but I figured if I said that I would just get someone saying to do it so I just did

    all cables have been swep tested not to mention I have tried different cables

    unlikely its a cable or switch problem if it dont have this problem with the other computers - and it also has the same problem on wifi so that shouldnt matter since its a different network adapter, it must be the OS causing this

    this is the only computer that has this problem on all different wires I have tried

    I have taken a wire out of a computer thats wired and working properly running windows 8.1 its a desktop I built about 2 months ago - I took that cable and plugged it into the laptop and still its at the same speed

    I will confirm if the OS is causing this problem later I will try ubuntu and see if it has the same problems

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    Try uninstalling the driver for the Network adapter, then let Windows reinstall the default driver. Do not do any changes to it, when it reboots. Then see what happens when you do a test with Lan Speed Test between two computers. You can download it from

    It can also be a router or switch issue. What did you use to test the cables for patch cords, and between the computer & where the other networking gear is located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    It does not matter if it is Cat-5e or Cat-6.
    You're right, CAT5 cable can carry a gigabit connection, but in the OP's case, he might need a better cable.

    CAT5e is recommended for a stable and reliable connection. So using what was designed for gigabit, rather than what gigabit was designed to supposed, could possibly remedy the situation. Seeing as the OP has disappeared, he probably got it all worked out.
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    nope sorry I didnt disappear I will post back when I figure it out if I do I have just be busy I work on weekends away from home

    its not a crappy cable or hardware that I am aware of it is probably a driver issue I will post back and let you know, its strange how its limited to an exact speed not going up or down - but does windows 8.1 moderate network transfer speeds if it detects problems in speed will it just cap it and lock it in at 1 speed?

    I like this forums (new here but used seven forums for years) I always get good support so I wont just leave this without marking it as solved if it can be
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    well its not solved, I have reinstalled the driver by removing it and letting it reinstall by it self and it still does the same thing

    but this doesent matter, I got this laptop for my dad and really the only thing it is for is internet use, I know its stupid to get a gaming computer for this but it was the only one that had these 3 things - 17" matte finish screen - higher than 900 vertical res - good speakers - those are the only things my dad needed it for

    so it doesent matter because I was only trying to transfer some files and noticed it was slow over wifi so I tried wired and it was the same exact speed even though I turned off the wifi and it was wired - but it could only be a problem for streaming videos I guess from my servers

    but this is strange since the speed test shows faster speed and in fact I can download files faster than I can transfer them, I have a server remotely at another house and its hosting some files I can download them up to nearly 20mbps but local servers on the same network is 10mbps

    anyways thanks for the help I havent solved this so I dont want to mark it as solved but I guess I am done so thanks for the help
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Wired Gigabit network speed maxed at 10mbps?
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