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Can't access disk drives over LAN, user is admin

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    Even worse is throwing in a Linux workstation. That is for another topic. I have found making the older OS machines as clients in the Workgroup, and using the newer OS units as serving any shares or devices.

    I just went with a Lenovo ix2-4 NAS and HP Officejet 4500 wifi printer. Got tired of doing folder shares between a mixed environment.

    I have found that with SMB, that if you change the Workgroup name from "Workgroup", for some reason Windows develops Amnesia, and cannot figure out how to find machines on the network.

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    I haven't run Linux in some time. But I had the best luck just running the Samba command line tool to copy/move whatever. Trying to do the Gui drag and drop was more hassle than it was worth. One of these days when I have workbenches set up with plenty of machines I'll get back into the Linux thing.. just to see what's what with some of the new distros.
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    Ok, I tried it one more time and I think it worked. But not the way as I expected.

    First I shared disk C. Then I logged onto "LAPTOP" under "mike" account. I opened Windows Explorer and tried \\desktop\C. It didn't work.

    Then I opened cmd and run "net use * /delete".
    Next, "net use \\desktop\C /user:john johnpassword".
    After that I tried \\desktop\C in Windows Explorer and it worked!

    One last thing: why didn't Windows Explorer ask me credentials first time?
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    Glad you got it to work. I dunno' why Explorer acts the way it does. I know it does keep a cache of recently connected drives. I seem to remember that certain API calls would return true information about if a network drive/folder/file exists and some would return info from the cache. I can't remember the details. Just that checking for the existence of a file doesn't always work as expected if it's a remote drive. Lots of strange things go on in Explorer.
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Can't access disk drives over LAN, user is admin
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