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Unable to access shared folders from LAN client

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    I forgot about that glitch. Blocking Netbios causes all kinds of havoc. It is just like if you were using a Linux machine and not running Samba or blocking it. There would be no way for the machines to communicate.

    137 should not have been blocked. But if the Firewall did it, it could be that its default rule set was told to block it by default. I found the Microsoft KB Article. It had to do with the Messenger Service, is why the Firewall had a Default Rule Set, to automatically block Netbios (Who knows what Microsoft Engineers were thinking at that time). Messenger Service window that contains an Internet advertisement appears

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    It's not Windows causing the problem it's the Norton firewall blocking Netbios for no reason what so ever. Although this service shouldn't be required in order to share between these newer machines.

    There certainly is NO default rule in Windows to block this service at all.

    It's always helpful when posting here to first mention if you use a third party AV software as these are ALWAYS the source of these types of problems.

    I have another name for Norton, it's called sabotage.
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    Hi chev65, let me just mention that I have NIS2014 Firewall's Automatic Program Control disabled, meaning that each time a program requests connection I manually chose to allow or block it. When NetBIOS requested connection I blocked it (Automatic Program Control would've allowed it). The reason I blocked it was to make the laptop stealth in the ShieldsUp site test. Anyway, as mentioned, after I unblocked it from the Program Rules everything is fine now. I'm very happy with NIS2014, specially the firewall is very robust.
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Unable to access shared folders from LAN client
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